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Favorite Skincare Products and Routine

Glowing Skin is a result of proper skincare. It means you can wear less makeup and let your skin shine through- Michel Coulombe


I really love myself a very presentable skin, I say presentable because I’m still battling with whiteheads (if you have any suggestion apart from the Black Peel off mask because it does not work for me-it would be accepted). I am a firm believer that your skin is an accessory that is always with you- so it better be good; you get what I mean? *tongue out*.

So, you guys requested to know my skincare products when i asked on my instastory- below is the overview picture of my skincare products; I would classify my products as drugstore, plus I am not a fan of having so many products- Simple does it for me. *winks*

PS: my skin does not react to any product, because there are some products I change anyhow once I am tired of it. Lol. The only thing, I know my skin reacts to is bad water and ‘Dettol’ antiseptic, yh, you read right- the only antiseptic I use is Savlon.


Let’s take it one after the other.


The Bathing Essentials– My bathing essentials are pretty simple. As seen in the picture below. I use the Radox shower gel (or any shower gel that has a lovely smell- it keeps me awake) accompanied with any black soap (for now I am using Dudu Osun because that was the only black soap available at the store) of my choice in the mornings. At night, I shower with the Johnson baby bedtime bath; the smell of this shower gel is D-I-V-I-N-E, it helps me sleep better every night- I can’t lie


The Everyday Essentials: I always look forward to this part everyday- the smell of everything makes me happy. Just so it is clear, I am a sucker of natural products. The Johnson Baby lotion is used at night; but I also add tea tree oil. shea butter (melted shea butter) and coconut oil- these three oils are very precious to me, tbh. In the mornings, I use melted sheabutter, coconut oil and tea tree oil for my skin (of course they are mixed to together). Recently, I started using Nacomi and it is hands down my favorite products; check their products out on Instagram here plus, you can check my review on where to get it apart from and the price on my Instastory here


My Facial Essentials– For my facials, it is pretty easy and simple. I clean my face with coconut oil and baby wipes (I use it to wipe off my makeup too). Then, I wash my face twice with my black soap, after that I use the facial wipes, then I wet my cotton pad with some Glycerin and Rosewater (my face is already feeling refreshed), then I apply some drops of tea tree oil on my face (the smell is D-I-V-I-N-E). PS: dilute your tea tree oil with any carrier oil of your choice; undiluted tea tree oil is really harsh on the face- I diluted mine with coconut oil. I use the charcoal mask and scrub 3 times a week.- like I said earlier, easy does it, we love our skin to be flawless however we do not need to be to hard on it. So, for the day I use the Charcoal mask and Scrub, I use them after cleaning my face with coconut oil.


Pampering Essentials- There are some days a lady needs to pamper herself when she is to lazy to got to the spa. To pamper my skin, I soak myself in a bath of warm water, dead sea body salt (my mum got it when she traveled to Jerusalem) and this a bottle of bath oil from this pack of Baylis & Harding, then I moisturize my skin with the body balm (I got it as a gift) but it is pretty affordable, you can check their products out on their website here or their Instagram page here. They also have products for men. Below is a clearer view of the content.


Other tips for my skin are;

Lots of Sleep, Drinking loads of water, allowing my skin to breathe (not everyday makeup- to think that I was into makeup in my Uni days, LOL.), eating healthy, exercising.

Always remember that a Glowing Skin comes from within, so be careful of what you take into your body.


Until next time, please do not forget to bask and invest in your glow.


PS: If you enjoyed this blog post as I did while writing it and comment below if you would love to see more of this. Please don’t forget to share.


5 thoughts on “Favorite Skincare Products and Routine”

    1. Thank you. For working days, I try my best to do the basics. It leaves me pumped for the day- I always advice to get nice scented products to keep you looking forward to taking care of your skin.


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