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How to Prepare Coconut Rice


Hey there, welcome back to my kitchen.

So today, I want to teach you on how to make basic Nigerian Coconut Rice; a full video is on my IGTv-here


Coconut Milk

Coconut Oil

Seasoning cubes


Dryfish and Crayfish

Parboiled Rice

Tatashe, shumbo, Onions (Blended some of it to make into a paste, sliced some- because a girl loves pepper. Lol)- the sliced pepper and onions is optional


Black ground Pepper

Dry Pepper.

Grounded Crayfish

How to Prepare on medium heat:

Put your coconut oil in a dry pot; this depends on how much you are cooking; (that is, the amount of oil used is based on the quantity you are using) PS: any oil can be used; I just want the ‘coconuty taste’ LOL

After 2 mins, add your blended pepper and the sliced pepper and onions

Add all your seasonings and spices, stir and leave to fry for 3 minutes.

Add Coconut Milk, almost immediately add the parboiled rice. Be sure to use enough coconut milk. Leave for 8-10 mins to simmer

Add the deboned dryfish and crayfish; I added extra grounded crayfish (just because I can. LOL).

Stir and leave it to cook till the water is dry.

Viola, your Coconut Rice is ready. And you can serve it with anything.

Bon appetite.


Hope you enjoy your meal,

I would love feedbacks, and please like and share.

Till next time,



13 thoughts on “How to Prepare Coconut Rice”

  1. I’m curious to try your recipe. We prepare a coconut rice at home, but it is a Latin recipe, slightly different ingredients. It’s so cool to see how food is prepared differently in different countries of the world!

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