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Mixed Feelings Graduation + What Next?

Grad Collage of the moment

Am I the only one that has mixed feelings both pre-graduation and post-graduation? The truth is I never wanted to go to my graduation, but I could not give myself a valid reason not to go for the graduation and vice-versa.

Musings of University
First year in University

Five years of hardwork, sweat, tears, blood and a little bit of reluctance came to an end on the 21st of October, 2018.

My roller-coaster ride in the university was an EXPERIENCE!!!- From not wanting to study law, to studying law, seeing my first result (on my dad’s birthday) was not good enough but getting congratulations from family , to improving drastically in my second semester, to falling down the ladder in my second year and trying to climb up the ladder again but no improvement, (this used to hurt, but…errmmmm…it still hurts.), finding the aspect of law I really love, finding myself, having a relationship with God and relationships with people that would probably last a lifetime.

Graduation Musings
Final year in University

I was reluctant at some point while studying this course (I don’t know if I regret this or I should be happy it was part of the process) but when my interest for the course grew, I get it was too late to make up the CGPA- every effort that was put in to make sure it improves was constantly frustrated. In my final year, my slogan was ‘e go be/ i go dey alright las las’- meaning, ‘whatever will be will be/I will be alright’, because it was really frustrating, not to think of my final paper where I answered 2 questions out of 4 (I didn’t even answer them completely) because I was told to stop writing because someone was asking me on how to answer the question and I reacted in an angry manner, the invigilator told us to stop writing, and come to the front of the hall, i tried writing while standing in front of the hall, i was told to stop writing. That was supposed to be my best paper ever in my final year, but ended up being my worst- I wept like a baby, prayed to God- my prayer point was God just let me graduate whatever the result may be; I had had enough- my heart was heavy till I saw my result- you can imagine how happy I was to settle just because I was graduating, I could out imagine myself going back to that school for just one course.

graduation photoI was happy that I was graduating and sad at the same time because I came out with a 2;2 (Second Class Lower Division)- to add ‘pepper  to injury’, one of the partners where I interned at scolded me that ‘I am not a serious person’ and started talking about how job opportunities might not be open for me- my whole day was ruined at the office. That’s when I got courage to tell my parents about my results- their response? Shocking as ever and still shocking- I expected the same reaction I got from the partner but they were so cool with it.

Graduation photosGoing for my graduation was a tough decision for me, I never even spoke about it to my parents even when they bring it up- my thoughts were, why would I be going for something that is not worth celebrating- I mean who celebrates a 2;2? LOL. At the same time, I was proud of myself that I didn’t leave Law for another course before I grew interest in it or even dropped out of school (I can’t count the number of times this thought crossed my mind)- I would have so regretted it. I think what prompted me to go for my graduation is because I went shopping with my parents and I like a dress and I told my mum that I might just wear it IF I go to my graduation; trust African parents to take it as a Yes, for me going for my graduation. It is funny that I forgot my graduation dress, hair and nail polish at home before going to school *didn’t do that on purpose*, my dad came to the rescue, I was still reluctant to make my hair and my nails for my graduation- my friends had to make me see reasons in going for my graduation plus, when my parents came to school, I had no choice than to finally make my hair. I think I only got the thrill of the graduation on the graduation day- the night before, i was planning to fake sickness but thank God for friends that know me- they woke me up to start getting ready.

Chartered Institute of ArbitratorsThe only thing that was worth celebrating in my opinion was my induction into the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators that took place on the 26th of October, 2018- I wrote the exam during the summer break. At least, I didn’t fail that one and it is a big deal to me- I mean i didn’t fail.

Certificate of Induction, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators


book shelves book stack bookcase books
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Smash my Nigerian Law School Results. To be honest, this new adventure is going to be interesting especially because the stories are really scary and encouraging at the same time. However, this is the time to pick myself up.

Until next time, hope you enjoyed this article.

Graduation photo





22 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings Graduation + What Next?”

  1. Hey Ugo it’s yaks. This is a really good piece. This is the first of your Articles I’m reading and I’m sorry for that, will rummage through your blog and get up to speed. I share in your feelings about law school. Hope to read more about the adventure as it unfolds

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  2. I admire your courage and heart. You are worth celebrating everyday. Congratulations on your graduation and induction. Wishing you the best in law school.

    The devil tries the hardest to rob us of the joy in the little things. He failed yet again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on graduating and not quitting. I think most people leave college with a love-hate relationship. You are now in the scary real world but at the same time, you are free to do whatever you want!

    Liked by 1 person

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