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Tips on How I Wash and Take Care of My Natural 4C Hair.

Hey Guys,

It has been a while!!! trust y’all are fine. So i decided to show you guys how I take care of my 4c hair (natural hair). Fun fact: my hair is 2 years old and I am so proud of the hair, and honestly I am one of the laziest naturalistas that is out there, I don’t do anything to my hair asides from the info-graphics I am about to show you guys.

So basically, to wash my hair, I use VO5, but I use Black soap (Dudu Osun) or any other Black soap for that matter when I am out of my products; same as the shampoos that have dye in them, but I would always prefer the shampoo with dye to the Black soap, Black soap is my last resort.

If you are wondering why the oils are there, I pre-poo my hair with oils; that is I either use oiks on hair or conditioner on my hair before washing it properly with shampoo. This helps my hair not to lose all its moisture by the time i am done washing my hair.

Sometimes, I pre-poo a night before i wash, and most times, I pre-poo and hour or two before i wash the hair.

When de-tangling your hair, you take it bit-by-bit, it does not have to be four sections, you can section your hair however it works for you. Then, use a big tooth comb to go through each section, until there is no knot (the comb runs smoothly).

Then braid it, braiding it helps when you want to comb it again, there will be no knot, basically it will be smooth to comb.

Quick tip: Make hairstyles that you can wear for long. For instance; Braids, Faux locks, Dreadlocks, you can also wear wigs. All these help to grow your hair as you do not get to touch your hair every time.

My mantra when it comes to hair care is: the less you do’ the more it grows.

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4 thoughts on “Tips on How I Wash and Take Care of My Natural 4C Hair.”

  1. I wash my natural hair in sections too. It’s not nearly as thick as yours, and my arms get tired from shampooing, detangling, deep conditioning, and twisting (because I don’t trust myself with heat so when I do my own hair it’s ALWAYS a twist-out). It’s a three-hour process. Just did it yesterday, and looking at your pics this morning my arms felt tired all over again.

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