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Every year I get older, I speak to my older self, telling her what and what not to do. But, this year feels is different, from not having an idea on what to do and when I started to speak to my older self, it did not just go well, I kept referring back to… Continue reading LETTER TO MY YOUNGER SELF

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Oh, hey 2019!

Heeeeeeellllllloooooo! Welcome back! It's been a minute. I know, I know, it seems like I have not been consistent, and I am sorry. I will do better this year, by God's grace. So this is an update of my last post and to tell you my goals for 2019! Yeah right, I am late to… Continue reading Oh, hey 2019!

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A GLOOMY NOEL + Scriptures

Hey Everyone, I really hope your Christmas atmosphere is not as gloomy as mine. I am surprised that my first Christmas blog post is to tell about my gloomy day-and it might just end up uplifting someone or even uplifting myself. Coming from a person, who tries her best for things not to worry her… Continue reading A GLOOMY NOEL + Scriptures

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Mixed Feelings Graduation + What Next?

Am I the only one that has mixed feelings both pre-graduation and post-graduation? The truth is I never wanted to go to my graduation, but I could not give myself a valid reason not to go for the graduation and vice-versa. Five years of hardwork, sweat, tears, blood and a little bit of reluctance came… Continue reading Mixed Feelings Graduation + What Next?