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Kitchen Hack: Lazy Way to Clean Your Blender

Hello People, How are you doing? It's been a while, we will get to that later, maybe in the next blogpost. So the thing is, if you are lazy like me, this is a kitchen trick on how I wash my blender. Rinse out the what was left in the blender Fill the blender with… Continue reading Kitchen Hack: Lazy Way to Clean Your Blender

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Tips on How I Wash and Take Care of My Natural 4C Hair.

Hey Guys, It has been a while!!! trust y'all are fine. So i decided to show you guys how I take care of my 4c hair (natural hair). Fun fact: my hair is 2 years old and I am so proud of the hair, and honestly I am one of the laziest naturalistas that is… Continue reading Tips on How I Wash and Take Care of My Natural 4C Hair.

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Welcome back to our page, today, I am going to be teaching you in 6 easy steps on how to prepare Native Jollof Rice. It is a Nigerian dish, some people refer to it as Palm Oil Rice. INGREDIENTS STEPS If you love this post, feel free to like and comment.Suggested PostHow to prepare Nigerian… Continue reading HOW TO PREPARE NATIVE JOLLOF RICE|Valentine’s Special

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Oh, hey 2019!

Heeeeeeellllllloooooo! Welcome back! It's been a minute. I know, I know, it seems like I have not been consistent, and I am sorry. I will do better this year, by God's grace. So this is an update of my last post and to tell you my goals for 2019! Yeah right, I am late to… Continue reading Oh, hey 2019!

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A GLOOMY NOEL + Scriptures

Hey Everyone, I really hope your Christmas atmosphere is not as gloomy as mine. I am surprised that my first Christmas blog post is to tell about my gloomy day-and it might just end up uplifting someone or even uplifting myself. Coming from a person, who tries her best for things not to worry her… Continue reading A GLOOMY NOEL + Scriptures

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Mixed Feelings Graduation + What Next?

Am I the only one that has mixed feelings both pre-graduation and post-graduation? The truth is I never wanted to go to my graduation, but I could not give myself a valid reason not to go for the graduation and vice-versa. Five years of hardwork, sweat, tears, blood and a little bit of reluctance came… Continue reading Mixed Feelings Graduation + What Next?

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How to Prepare Coconut Rice

Hey there, welcome back to my kitchen. So today, I want to teach you on how to make basic Nigerian Coconut Rice; a full video is on my IGTv-here Ingredients: Coconut Milk Coconut Oil Seasoning cubes Pepper Dryfish and Crayfish Parboiled Rice Tatashe, shumbo, Onions (Blended some of it to make into a paste, sliced… Continue reading How to Prepare Coconut Rice

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Favorite Skincare Products and Routine

Glowing Skin is a result of proper skincare. It means you can wear less makeup and let your skin shine through- Michel Coulombe I really love myself a very presentable skin, I say presentable because I'm still battling with whiteheads (if you have any suggestion apart from the Black Peel off mask because it does… Continue reading Favorite Skincare Products and Routine

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Gender Politics: The 50/50 Rule

  Men paying the bills is slowly disintegrating as women 'feminists'Β  somewhat wants equal responsibilities asides equal rights; which in my opinion is very fair. I feel in every relationship it is important to talk about finances; I mean it is very crucial. The normal tradition is that a man is to take care of… Continue reading Gender Politics: The 50/50 Rule